What Are The Rules Of Good Health?

What are the rules of good health? The rules of good health, or at least the most important rules of good health are that: Treat people how you want to be treated. That includes your family and friends, don’t use drugs or alcohol unless you are able to do it responsibly, and quit smoking if you can’t quit. Those three things may seem obvious or even basic, but so often people break these rules. Why is this?

One reason why this happens so frequently is because people have a tendency to want to be “treated” as though they are stupid, foolish, or weak. In other words, if you don’t follow the rules they expect you to break. People also tend to feel threatened when other people break the rules. That leads to them breaking the rules themselves in order to protect their egos.

So if we look at the first rule of “what are the rules of good health?” It’s quite simple. Treat people how you want to be treated. And we know from the way we behave when surrounded by people that we can get really mean about people if we feel threatened. So if we know that breaking the “treat them how you want to be treated” rule will make us feel better and less threatened, then we should go for it.

So now we know what the first rule of good health is, what about the bad health? Well, bad health is when you are in poor health and the only way to get better is to treat yourself to surgery or to take drugs to make yourself better. We all need those things to survive, but those things aren’t necessarily good for you. And if you don’t treat yourself to a vacation every once in a while or to Massage treatments, then those things can kill you.

So what are the rules of good life and bad life then? Good life is living well. Bad life is living badly. We all need to break out of our bad habits and do things that will make us feel good about ourselves.

So what are the rules of good health anyway? That’s a good question! And the answers are right here before you. Just remember to treat yourself to a vacation, take Massage treatments and maybe get a massage.

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